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Asian wedding photography at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel

It is now a known fact that Indian weddings and Asian weddings, in general, are a really colourful affair. With lots of laughter, food and happy tears. It was no different for the wedding of Nam and Prav who held their Indian wedding ceremony at the beautiful Tewin Bury Farm Hotel in Hertfordshire. It has a number of different wedding venues and the couple chose the Meadow Barn which has a seating capacity of 350 guests and 500 guests for an evening reception.

The day started bright and beautiful and we had the opportunity to take some photographs of the environment before the actual ceremony began. The wedding venue barn was beautifully decorated with rich tones of gold and white that made the place simply stunning, fit for royalty. There were ornamental decorations and even decorative peacocks close to the simple mandap which the couple chose. I believe every mandap has a meaning and significance to the users and this one sure suits Nam and Prav.

The groom was well-kitted in his traditional attire made of rich embroidered gold and red accents. He held a staff and pouch, and his turban was red. He really had the look of royalty and I could tell that his excitement was barely contained! The bride’s arrival was met with cheers and happy sounds. She looked nothing less than stunning. If Prav could smile any wider, his face might have split in two. She was also dressed in her traditional attire looking like a princess with rich colours of gold and red adorning her. Her gold jewellery complimented everything else perfectly.

Indian Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

The traditional rites were performed accordingly, officiated by Ajit Pandey who ensured that guests remained entertained and involved in the process. Nam and Prav are very lively and fun people who are quick to smiles and laughter, so the entire ceremony was really interesting for all present. The traditional prayers were said and every other customary rite was performed according to tradition.

The customary joining was performed and they took their walk of significance together. There was also the feeding of the couple which was met with a lot of laughter and drama. The joy and happiness on both Nam and Prav’s faces were truly infectious and they had eyes for only each other.

Guests were well-fed and happy throughout the ceremony. We even spotted some children who dozed off after having a wonderful meal! No one was left out.The moment of departure was a tearful one for Nam especially as she hugged her loved ones goodbye. This could be because Prav was taking her all the way to Bolton for them to start their new life together. We also took some amazing portraits that came out stunning of Nam and Prav before their final departure. The looks of love in their eyes could make a grown man cry!

All in all, it was a really grand affair and I am pleased to have been able to share this experience with them! Thank you, Nam and Prav for allowing us to be your official Indian Wedding Photographers of the day.

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Team on the day:

Venue: Tewin Bury Farm

Photography: Olivine Studios

Caterers: Shimla Foods

Decor & Mandap: Avari Events.

Priest: Ajit Pandey

Background music: Realist Events

Wedding Planners: Red Ivy Events

Dhol Players: Beat Evolution

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