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Indian weddings at willesden mandir

Hiren weds Anjna | An Intimate Affair 

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

I have captured moments from several lavish weddings, but this one was different. With just 30 attendees, this intimate wedding was a complete curveball for us in so many ways. As COVID restrictions in the UK were lifted, Hiren and Anjna’s wedding was one of the first I had the opportunity to photograph. Their sparkling celebration was attended by their family members and close friends, abiding by the social distancing norms in the UK.

When it comes to Hindu wedding photography, capturing every aspect of the celebration is crucial. From customary bridal entry to wedding traditions, every tradition and ritual symbolizes something unique. Hiren and Anjna’s wedding at the Willesden mandir was no different. 

Ditching the usual colour themes, the couple opted for a rather bright and delightful floral arrangement for the venue. Creating a picture-perfect wedding, the team of Om creatives had brought the couple’s vision into reality. Everything from the colour choices to the fragrance and beauty of the flowers at the venue was stellar. As you enter the ceremony room, a gorgeous structured mandap and welcoming pillars across the hallway with multi-hued roses were all set out to perfection. As a wedding photographer, I was elated by the elegance of the venue set up and could visualize the moments right away. For me, it was more than a typical photoshoot, it was about capturing the emotions and the happiness that filled the moment. 

All About the Hindu Wedding | Hiren and Anjna

Their celebration of a lifetime together started with the arrival of the groom, Hiren with his entourage of family members and a closer group of friends. His prospective mother-in-law was all prepared to welcome him at the entrance. Hiren was wearing a dapper sherwani with gilded gold embroidery. During Pokhvanu, also known as welcoming the groom, his prospective mother-in-law blesses him and performs a small ritual to ward off the evil eye. Another gesture I found interesting was her pinching the groom’s nose. This gesture represents the humility and the responsibility his future wife is about to take on. 

After the grand welcome of the groom, it was time for the bride to be escorted to the mandap by her maternal uncles. Anjna wore a fabulous floral designer lehenga with heavy embroidery adorned by beautiful jewellery. The pandit chants Manglashtak, verses as she gets seated and the veil is lowered. This is followed by a couple exchanging flower garlands, also known as Jai mala. Jai mala is a symbolization of acceptance by both the bride and the groom.

Hindu wedding ceremonies are quite intriguing, and with intimate celebrations such as this, every guest becomes a part of the customs and traditions. All auspicious beginnings are marked with the blessings of Agni, the Fire God. The Bride and Groom are seated next to Havan, a small sacred fire pit set up within the mandap to invite the fire god to witness the union and dispel darkness and ignorance from their lives. This is followed by Mangal Fera, where the couple takes steps to circle the holy fire seven times while chanting mantras. Each Phera is a representation of how they should ideally be leading life together. Post Mangal Pheras, to represent love and respect, sindoor is placed on the bride’s forehead and wears a Mangalsutra. 

After the wedding, it was for some fun and laughter. Hiren and Anjna played a game called Koda Kodi in the mandap. It is believed that the person who finds the ring most out of 3 rounds will rule the household. And, guess who won? Anjna did! 

The last ritual and the most emotional one was Goodbye or Vidai. The moments were a sentimental outburst, Anjna the pretty bride and her parents were a little misty-eyed as she was stepping into a new role and taking on the responsibility of wife and daughter-in-law. Love, hugs and blessings were showered on the couple as they bid their good-byes. 

As a Hindu wedding photographer, I am truly grateful to be a part of your celebrations. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing all the candid moments and smiles at your wedding. Thank you for choosing us to capture your event and as a Hindu wedding photographer, I hope to have shot some unforgettable memories that will last you a lifetime and more. Once again, congratulations and wishing you love and happiness, always.  

If you are getting married soon we would love to hear from you, please fill in our contact form, we look forward to hearing all about your big day:-)


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