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Indian wedding photography at Willesden Mandir

Jaymin and Meena

It is no secret that Hindu and Asian weddings are my favorite thing. The colors, decor, smiles, laughter, and most importantly, the deep culture and traditions of the people come together to make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. The wedding of Jaymin and Meena was no different. Their wedding took place at the newly renovated Willesden Mandir.

The day started out bright and beautiful with preparations by the bride and groom. The hall was decorated in gold and white furniture and fixtures that are fit for royalty.Shagun weddings did an amazing job. A simple design that was able to draw gasps from people. There were also flowers arranged around the circular mandap which was to be where the ceremony and traditional rites would take place. The goal of every  wedding photographer is to capture objects perfectly and I think I did just that. The hall was truly magnificent. The groom was dressed like royalty in his lime-green dress and gold turban. He also had his staff and gold accessories including his shoes. The bride was also dressed like a queen in a simple pink dress with beaded design and beautiful accessories. Her body design was done intricately and it was enhanced by her jewellery and bangles.

Hindu wedding photographer | Willesden mandir

The ceremony began with the arrival of Jaymin and Meena, each arriving separately and received by family and friends. The groom was received first and lifted into the hall to wait for the arrival of his bride. The bride, Meena, was escorted into the hall by her parents, looking absolutely stunning in her simple, yet elegant ensemble. She was met with smiles by guests. Jaymin could also not stop himself from smiling all the time even though his view was obscured while she walked into the hall and to the mandap where he waited. Their arrival signified the start of events proper and all traditional rites were carried out carefully with cheers and prayers from guests and family.

It was a joy to note the genuine love and happiness that radiated from the eyes of both Jaymin and Meena because they couldn’t seem to look at much else except themselves. The washing of feet and walking around the fire pit is one joyful moment for all present. There were cheers and lots of laughter. Prayers were said and cheers rang out as the couple fed and decorated themselves. It was truly a day to be happy.

At the end of the main ceremony, Jaymin and Meena were directed to the grounds where we took stunning photos. Their smiles and laughter were genuine and I didn’t need to do much to capture those smiles with my lens. The backdrop of greenery was perfect for this calm couple. After the photos were taken, it was time to go. There were tears and hugs from the family as the couple said their goodbyes.

It was truly a pleasure being a part of the start of a new journey for Jaymin and Meena. As a Hindu wedding photographer, capturing special moments makes my day as much as that of the couple!

Jaymin & Meena I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.Thank you so much for choosing us to be your Hindu wedding photographers.

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The team on the day:

Photography: Olivine Studios

Mandap & Decor: Shagun Weddings

Catering: Mayurs

Venue: Willesden Mandir.

Priest: Jitu Bhai

Enjoy the images below 🙂

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