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Dipti and Rikesh

Combining contemporary and traditional events together can have effects that are not so great but Dipti and Rikesh were able to bring both together and create something truly amazing. Imagine combining the simplicity of a registry wedding and the rich culture of a Hindu ceremony. The results can be truly great and I am glad I was there to capture the moments. Hindu and Asian wedding photography is a truly colorful and beautiful affair.

Cheshunt registry office wedding

The couple tied the knot at the Chestnut Registry Office. The outer part of the building looks like a palace set in the 1800s with high walls and stained windows. The inside space is beautiful with high ceilings and warm lights with sitting space for friends and family. A great place to have a registry wedding.

The couple arrived at the venue separately. Dipti arrived in a vintage vehicle, looking stunning in her simple but elegant white wedding gown, simple jewelry and makeup, and a bouquet of beautiful flowers that were of different colors. She also had her friends as bridesmaids, each holding a small bouquet of flowers too and wearing lovely gowns. Rikesh was looking dapper in his gentleman 3-piece suit and surrounded by his friends who were also in matching suits. The ceremony began with the arrival of Rikesh, while Dipti waited patiently for his bride at the front of the hall. Rikesh was all smiles as she walked into the hall and her eyes barely left Dipti’s face. They shared laughs between themselves as the ceremony started and friends and family joined in.

The ceremony went smoothly. Dipti and Rikesh’s joy burst to the surface as they exchanged rings and signed the marriage register that signified their new union. Their happiness was quite infectious as they danced and sashayed their way out of the registry venue. There were flowers and lots of laughter. Rikesh did the traditional tossing of the bouquet which was caught by one of her bridesmaids. Maybe she will be next to tie the knot.

Dipti had a change of clothing into the more traditional Hindu style, while Rikesh changed just his tie and pocket square to match the colors that Dipti was wearing. Then we were off to take some spectacular photos. It was a pleasure taking their photographs and the area was quite beautiful. It was clear to see that Dipti and Rikesh are friends before anything else. They radiated happiness.

There was also a engagement ceremony after the registry where there was eating, drinking, and normal rituals were carried out .The couple also had a lovely cake that ended on the floor as it toppled over. I just about caught the action of the couple trying to grab hold of it.Its moments like these that I live for.Real, natural and tells the story.

As an Asian wedding photographer,  bringing to life and telling stories through my lens is what I do best. However, mixing things up once in a while has never done anyone any harm!

Thank you very much Dipti & Rikesh for trusting and allowing us to photograph your big day.

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The team on the day:

Photography: Olivine Studios

Videography: Heyer Films

Venue: Cheshunt Registry office

Catering: Bharat Gangaram

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