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Wedding photography at Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall


Every couple dream of their big day to be a meaningful and memorable union. When Pam and Pal envisioned their big day, all they wanted was to have a seamless celebration of love, culture, and tradition with their loved ones. 


Just as they had envisaged, the quaint and sacred Anand Karaj Ceremony of Parm and Pal was an incredibly dreamy one. Held at the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Southhall, this Sikh wedding was planned to perfection. Being one of best Asian wedding photographers in the UK, Olivine Studios had the opportunity to capture the sacred union of these two beautiful souls that was held in the presence of the Almighty. 


Keeping tradition and culture at the core of this wedding, everything was planned and executed aesthetically. From the custom designed outfits to the decor elements, the celebration of their union was all about love and family. The bride was resplendent in her custom red lehenga by the Mongas, and Pal complimented her in a golden sherwani from the Pagh Vala

 This intimate and minimalistic wedding was a true example of Sikh traditions. It was a heartwarming treat for everyone who attended. Sikh wedding rituals are quite intriguing and captivating. 

As the baraat proceeded to the main hall, also known as the Darbar in which Anand Karaj would take place. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, Anand Karaj refers to the blissful union of the bride and groom with their holy book bearing witness. Pal was holding a rumalla, which is a decorated cloth to pay respect and as an offering to their holy book. 

Soon after Pal was seated, Parm made her grand entrance holding a rumalla similar to Pal’s into the gurudwara, and she was escorted by her family. She then sat next to Pal facing the Guru Granth Sahib.

 The priest was then seen reciting a hymn for each of the four laavs that took the bride and groom through their vows, and teachings of God to lead a successful married life. The first laav represents their duty towards family and the community, the second one is about yearning and love for each other, the third talk about the stage of detachment from the world and the final one is about harmony and union in marriage. 

While this concluded the wedding ceremony, traditions and rituals didn’t end there. After lunch and a few rounds of photographs, it was time for the bride to bid her farewell as she walked into the groom’s house beginning a new chapter of her life. Everything about this wedding was very well executed and minimalistic. Like all weddings, bride and groom took the center stage, but every family member had a role to play. The wedding was an emotional roller coaster, moments of happiness blended in with tears of farewell. 

We are really thankful to Parm and Pal for choosing the Olivine studios as their wedding photographers. We enjoyed being an integral part of your new chapter and was truly honored to be able to freeze some of these moments for you through our photographs. We wish you nothing but happiness and togetherness until eternity.


Love team Olivine 🙂


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