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Why do wedding photographers not share unedited RAW photographs with their clients? 

If you ask the wedding photographers to write a FAQ document on most commonly asked questions, they’d pick this as number one. Why would the clients not get access to RAW photographs? If I am not able to access RAW pictures, why does wedding photography have to be expensive? Before we list down all the reasons why let’s give you an insight into what are RAW files. 

A RAW file is a file format that captures uncompressed data from your camera sensor. They are significantly bigger than any other standard image file formats like JPEG or PNG. It contains all raw image information captured by your camera sensors. 

Benefits of taking RAW images

RAW files let you capture absolutely all the data from your camera’s sensor. As wedding photographers, our objective is to capture all the details and then fine-tune them to obtain the best quality pictures. Some of the benefits of having RAW images taken at your UK Asian wedding includes:

  1. RAW images mean high-resolution photographs that allow you to fix issues and process them into final files after colour correction and balancing.
  2. RAW files are also best to use for print as the finer shade of colours and tones are engaged. It also lets the photographers have an efficient workflow by editing larger batches of images with programs like Aperture and Lightroom. 
  3. Did you also know that RAW format files record the highest standards of light? This would mean that you’ll get a better image outcome. With this format, you can also easily attain white balance and choose perfect colours for the images. 
  4. RAW photographs are also in a non-destructive edit mode. You have the option to reset the changes and save them again without the fear of losing out on the original images. 

With more broader possibilities of editing capability during post-production and a higher dynamic range, all professional wedding photographers prefer having RAW images taken. With unprocessed pixel data and RAW files, we have the power to tell engaging stories with utmost perfection through photographs. Why else would you hire us? 

So, why do photographers not share RAW files with their clients? 

RAW files are unedited, they are photographers’ first draft that needs to be perfected. Would you sell an unfinished painting? Would you be confident to share the first draft of your book with a publishing house? Similarly, professional wedding photographers prefer sharing the final files with their prospective clients, and not the ones that need to be worked upon to achieve perfection. Have a look at the example of the photos below.One is straight out of camera unedited, and one has been fully edited to present to the couple.If we gave you loads of photos looking like the one straight out of camera it would be fair to say you would be hugely disappointed.This is why no photographer would give you images in raw format.

At Olivine studios, we believe in the art of photography. As a team of professional and perfectionist photographers, we don’t believe in sharing unfinished work of art. Our team of Asian wedding photographers loves capturing colours, emotions and the true essence of your event. And they have to be edited and curated from the RAW files we have captured. Trust the professionals, we will always present you with the best photographs, we believe in showcasing quality over quantity.If you are getting married please get in touch with us,we would love to hear from you

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