Why is wedding photography expensive?


Why are wedding photographers expensive? 

Have you ever wondered why wedding photography is so expensive? Only when you start crunching numbers and start budgeting for your wedding will you start realizing the cost of each aspect. Wedding photography, although it may seem to be a high-ticket item, it is definitely one of the most imperative elements that can’t be taken off the list. A good memory to reminisce is always worth every penny you spend and we’ll tell you why. 


What does the cost include? 

Let us start by establishing a lesser-known fact. Wedding photography is not expensive, it is actually a false narrative. Let’s break it all down for you. Start by considering the sheer amount of equipment required to shoot a wedding ceremony. In terms of photography gear, we’ll need at least two cameras on-site with three different lenses. The professional gear is the actual investment. We’ll need shots from different angles, detailed shots, close-ups and general photographs to edit and incorporate into your final wedding album. The requirement for equipment doesn’t end there. For editing these professionally captured raw photographs, we also use a high-end laptop with certain preferred specifications. And, how could we miss out on all the constant upgrades we do to stay on top of our game. Besides the expensive gear used to capture professional wedding photographs, we also have public liability insurance that is required at most venues. 


Editing is another aspect of wedding photography that is time-consuming. For an eight-hour wedding celebration, on average we capture thousands of photographs. During the edit session, we’ll have to further segregate them into good, average and sub-par ones. Finally, depending on the chosen photographs, we have to drill them down to just the best ones. These photographs are then edited to fix all the imperfections. 


All that aside, remember you are also paying for the talent you have hired. As professional and experienced photographers, you are trusting us to capture moments of your special day with perfection, and we’ll do just that with the best quality gear. 


Now to business expenses. From software costs to accounting for a malfunctioning camera body, we have plenty of additional expenses that are often overlooked. Over and above all of these factors, we want you to consider adding a price tag to the most precious memory that you’ll cherish forever. Sounds impossible, right? The price you pay for wedding photography isn’t expensive, it is an investment of a lifetime. 


As a team of professional wedding photographers based out of London, we have had the opportunity to capture over 200 weddings. These past few years have been exceptional for our team. We enjoy working with couples and their families to photograph moments that will take you on a ride down memory lane years later. If you are getting married soon, get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you:-)

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