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No two weddings are the same and this was proven at the wedding of Neeraj and Sheena. They are one couple I know who have such an amazing chemistry between them. When they told me their civil ceremony and reception was to be held at the Moor Park, and they wanted me to be their Asian wedding photographer for the day, I couldn’t contain my joy.

I have always wanted to do wedding photography at the Moor Park Mansions and my chance had finally come. So, one could say it was a dream come true for them and for me.

The day started off with the usual bridal and groom preparations. Every stroke of a brush left Sheena looking even more gorgeous! Her skin was radiant and she glowed from the inside out. I could tell her happiness was deep-rooted because she was going to be married to someone she truly loved. It was amazing to watch (and capture, of course). Her dress was beautiful and simple, I guess this is to reflect her warm personality.

Neeraj looked dapper in his suit, giving me poses and smiles that could only come from someone who was extremely happy to be where he was at that time.


Indian Wedding Photography at Moor Park Mansion

After the prepping, it was time for the ceremony proper. Neeraj waited patiently for his bride to make her grand entrance. He looked comfortable in his skin knowing he made the best decision. His smile as Sheena approached could have split the sky in two!

As the ceremony began, I could see them stealing glances at each other and breaking into large smiles that only they could understand. After the ceremony, they walked out of the hall amidst the cheering and clapping of friends and family that were present. We then proceeded to take wonderful pictures in the beautiful surroundings of Moor Park.

At the reception, there was the cake cutting session where Neeraj and Sheena wore masks and used a mini sword to cut their beautifully decorated cake. The simple cake was 4-tiers of white with petals of white and red.

Lovely, heartfelt speeches were read and I could almost bet there was a tear or two in Neeraj’s eyes. It was a truly lovely moment. There was a lot of fun, games, and laughter at the reception with the DJ keeping guests on the dancefloor all through the ceremony. The dancefloor was on fire all night long.

After the reception, it was time for the bride and groom to leave and they did so in grand style. They went off for a scenic flight using a helicopter that picked them up from the grounds of the Moor Park. Talk about grand! In addition to all that, the guests were also treated to a stunning display of fireworks right there in the park. It was truly an amazing day of memories.

We are so glad Neeraj and Sheena chose us to capture their memorable day. It was a dream come true for us and we put our heart into every photo we took.

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The team on the day:-

Photography : Olivine Studios

Videography: Kat Films

Make up artist: Bridal Moments- 07912 627571

ToastMaster: Nick.

Dj’s: Paragon Roadshow

Absolute pleasure working with all you.

Heres a few favs from the day.Enjoy ?


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