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Hindu wedding oshwal centre

Weddings are unarguably a thing of celebration and happiness. A well-planned wedding is even better. The decoration colors, food, venues, bridal party, and so much more all come together to give the atmosphere an almost electric feeling. That was exactly what happened at Kunal and Sapna’s wedding which took place at Oshwal Centre in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

I have known Kunal for some years now. We met first when he came to install a bouncy castle for my daughter’s birthday. He did a good job and we became friends ever since. I was especially honored when they said they needed an Asian/Indian wedding photographer and asked me to be the official  wedding photographer for their wedding.

It was a truly glorious event from start to finish. Kunal and his family arrived with a colorful display of smoke bombs to the venue which was decorated by Avari Events. The inside of the hall was decorated in white and rich gold accents with a sprinkling of flowers that added a touch of color to the decor. The couple had chosen the Ganeshji Mandap which suited them perfectly! It resonated with the overall decor of the venue.

Kunal’s happiness was infectious as he arrived with his family, holding his own smoke bomb and laughing. The male members of his family formed a pathway through which he went. The women were singing and dancing all through with their intricately designed arms and legs, colorful garments and headgear. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Hindu wedding photography at Oshwal Centre, Potters bar.

The arrival of the bride was equally as colorful and happy as the grooms. There was more singing and dancing as she made her way to the entrance of the venue wearing her beautiful celebration attire and her entourage in tow. The ceremony was performed by  Hindu Wedding  Priest  Ram Pandey who kept the audience engaged throughout the Hindu wedding ceremony. He spoke in English and Gujarati to ensure everyone was involved. All traditional rites were performed according to the Hindu way.

Some other fun activities also included during the ceremony to keep things light and really fun such as when Sapna’s face was covered using the “nerdy” emoji printed on paper and when Kunal had to pick what he was currently studying from a list.

During the ceremony, I could tell it was truly an important moment for both Kunal and Sapna. Their love and devotion to one another was a sight to behold. One could tell it was just them in their own world. The look in Sapna’s eyes as she hung her ring of flowers on Kunal’s neck is a look one must experience at least once in a lifetime! Everything they did together was done with care and lots of love radiating through their being. Even the simplest things were done with love such as when Kunal helped Sapna in the traditional hand washing.

When it was time to leave, I could see some tears in Sapna’s eyes as she hugged her loved ones. Those were some really teary-eyed moments.

Pictures of the couple were taken in the picturesque environment that was simply breathtaking (Asian wedding photography at its best!). There are aerial view shots that showcase the entire landscape and the couple.

Finally, the traditional throwing of rice grains and flowers and the smashing of a coconut while their families cheered on. They were driven away in a lavish vehicle while their families wished them farewell and goodwill.

If you are looking for a  Hindu Wedding Photographer please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.

The team on the day:

Photography: Olivine Studios

Hindu Wedding: Priest: Ram Pandey

Decor and Mandap: Avari Events.

Background music & Wedding Planner: Sagar Vyas

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