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Why is a wedding album a great investment?


In a digital era, does a wedding album still stand a chance? Is it a good investment? Should we use a wedding album as a keepsake of our big day? As  UK Asian photographers who has covered over hundreds of weddings, these are some of the prominent questions we get asked. To be honest, we believe there is nothing better than glancing through the wedding album, flipping through photographs of the special moments and reliving the memories. And so, our answer would always be a YES!


5 Reasons why you should have a printed wedding album

Here are some of the reasons why we believe you should say YES to having a wedding album. 

Memories are forever

Investing in a wedding album is a great way to cherish your memories and moments of the big day, forever. Gathering some of the most special images in an album will always be a keepsake. Flip through the pages and reminisce every capture. 

Technology is ever-changing

From VHS to DVDs to USBs, we have all come a long way with technology. When you have a printed wedding album, no technology or electronic media can erase the wedding memories. 

It’s your legacy

A wedding album is almost like having your own storybook to pass down the generations. How many times have you flipped through the wedding album of your grandparents and asked them about the stories behind each photograph? It is a perfect way to cherish your wedding moments for a lifetime. 

Greater emotional value

Nothing can beat the emotional value of flipping through the printed pictures or an album. When viewing pictures digitally, the emotional connectivity is proven to be lower than that of the printed ones. Don’t believe us? There have been numerous studies conducted to understand the emotional impact. 

Personalization is possible

Clients enjoy customizing and personalizing their wedding albums. They want it to look different and want the album to tell their story. From having a colour theme to using a luxurious leather cover, there are so many possibilities. Personalization does add style, so pick the detail you like and we will customize the album to suit your persona. 

Think of your wedding album and printed pictures as an investment and not just a cost. We have had several clients reach back to us after years of being married to curate a wedding album of all their candid moments. 

At Olivine Studios, we have different options to make the wedding album an affordable decision. The price for an album ranges anywhere from £475-£1000 and the determining factors are the sizes of the album, cover, pages included and if there are any custom requirements. We have curated special bespoke packages for all our exclusive clients. Get a wedding album done and you’ll never regret taking a nostalgic trip down the memory lane every now and then.

Have a look at how lovely some of our albums look.

If you are interested in investing in a photo album please get in touch with us to see the different options and packages we offer.




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